Who needs college?

BOSTON (Reuters Life!) – A high school diploma is not enough to secure the best paying and most interesting jobs, said Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, who dropped out of Harvard University to build his computer company.

“Every student needs a meaningful credential beyond high school,” said Gates, who spoke at an education and employment conference sponsored by the civil rights group the National Urban League.

“Higher education is crucial for jobs,” he said, adding that education is an equalizer in society and is the key to getting urban America back to work and fighting poverty.

Gates said he believes college should be “for almost everyone,” but that parents, teachers and entire communities need to help make those opportunities available.

Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t Bill drop out of Harvard? If you are smart enough to found Microsoft, you start Microsoft. How long do I need to go to school for it to “equalize” me with Bill Gates?

Author: The Boss

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