Introducing our newest lifestyle editor: nantucketredman

Twines & Vines is proud to announce that nantucketredman is our newest site contributor. He will be adding on to my lifestyle humor with wit and wisdom. A fisher of the ack sound and lore of the beach, nantucketredman is a outdoorsman who loves to kick it with his bros on the weekend. However, on the weekdays nantucketredman scores 1940s on his SAT earning his way into the top 5% in the nation’s ranks. nantucketredman aspires to become one of the nation’s top sports medicine surgeons, but for now, he’s sharing his knowledge with all of ya’ll lifestyle readers! 

Yours in Vines.

This is The Boss – Because it’s all about the prep

Author: The Boss

We are all about the prep. School. Sports. Swag. Chirps. We do it all with the prep attitude. Check out for all things prep.

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