Detroit prep school ballers have their gear stolen, but Suh comes through

Stolen football equipment threatened not only the season but also Friday’s big event at Frederick Douglass College Preparatory Academy for Young Men — the Detroit school’s Homecoming game.

As the junior varsity football team prepared to pack up equipment Monday afternoon and head out for a game, coaches discovered the field house had been broken into and looted. Again. The school canceled the JV game.

The looted field house already was a virtual shell because electrical wiring, copper plumbing and toilets had been stolen three years ago. This time, thieves made away with the students’ pads, helmets, some shoes and footballs.

By the next morning, there was hope as the team practiced and the coach yelled, “They tried to steal our season from us, but we won’t let them.” News of the theft attracted attention from local businesses looking to help. Other schools offered equipment. The team scored its first donation — a $3,000 check from Bob Maxey Forddealership.

It appears the season will go on with help from donations, said Michael Hamlett, the athletic director

Wanda Dixon, whose son is on the varsity team, said she was thankful for the donations and hopes more good Samaritans will come forward to turn in the thieves.

Detroit Lions DT Ndamukong Suh’s Family Foundation worked with various companies to donate about 50 pairs of new cleats and gloves to the team. Let’s hope that people and businesses step up to catch the thieves and replace the gear.

Just another reason to love Ndamukong Suh!

Isn’t calling a cat two-faced an oxymoron?

CONWAY, Mass (Reuters) – Frank and Louie is the world’s oldest two-faced cat, which is not to say he is deceitful or insincere.

Rather, the fluffy, gray feline with two mouths, two noses and three eyes, turned 12 years old this month, setting the record for “longest surviving Janus cat,” Sara Wilcox, a Guinness World Records spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

The name “Janus cat” was coined by British zoologist Dr. Karl Shuker, based on the two-faced Roman god of transitions, gates and doorways.

Frank and Louie has a case of craniofacial duplication, an extremely rare congenital condition resulting from a protein with the odd name of sonic hedgehog homolog (SHH).

Right off the bat, I like dogs better than cats. But I just don’t get cats. They want to be petted and then they scratch you and run away. Two-faced for sure.