Welcome to the Cookout

Here’s my favorite song off of Chevy Woods’ recent mixtape The Cookout.  The whole mixtape is deffinately worth a listen too.  Wiz Khalifa’s verse in this song is unreal so be patient.  Enjoy!


Malvern prep hockey star provides inspiration

September 26, 2011|By Kathy Boccella, Philadelphia Inquirer Staff Writer

A topic recently in teacher Chic Kelly’s Malvern Prep theology class was prayer, or specifically: What can we ask of God?

“If you pray for God to heal you,” one student offered, “ask for a 100 percent cure.

Kelly, with striking blue eyes, sandy hair, and a movie-star-chic stubble that he forgot to shave that morning, knocked that idea down.

“Lots of people get sick and lots of people pray and they don’t get better,” he said. “What are we praying for?”

The answer, Kelly said, is “acceptance, because when we pray for healing, inevitably the answer we receive is mostly ‘no.’ ”

Read the full article here: http://bit.ly/qM4Trk

What a great story. If you think that you are struggling, think of Chic Kelly make the best out of what you are dealing with.

I hope that the NCAA treats him fairly.

Is there an Entourage movie happening?

One of Ari Gold’s funniest moments (yeah, there’s profanity)

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MARK WAHLBERG says an “Entourage” movie is his “goal.” The Dorchester homeboy, whose mile-long producing creds led to Jane Lynch dubbing HBO the “Mark Wahlberg Channel” at the Emmy Awards the other night, told “Extra” hostMario Lopez that the “Entourage” film is looking like a real possibility. “Yeah, for sure. You saw the way it ended …We’ve been talking about the movie nonstop. That’s the goal,” Wahlberg said.

This would be good, if they ditched the writers from the last two seasons.