Michigan may allow people to carry tasers

By Danny Moloshok, AP

A measure working its way through the Michigan Legislature would make the state the nation’s 45th to allow residents to carry stun guns as a means of self-defense. Wisconsin became the 44th on Nov. 1.

Stun guns, which shoot prongs carrying an electrical charge to temporarily incapacitate the person they strike, have been blamed in lawsuits for some deaths, but proponents insist they are far less dangerous than handguns.

“You could use it when you could use a gun, and you must have all the training that goes into a concealed pistol license,” said state Sen. Rick Jones, a Republican from west Michigan, who introduced the legislation. “I think it’s just common sense that someone would rather use electricity than a gun when they can.”

If only kids had been allowed to carry tasers at Penn State & Syracuse.

MA public school hating on kids grinding

By Brock Parker, Town Correspondent


Arlington High School has suspended all school dances because of an increasing number of students drinking alcohol and dancing inappropriately at the school functions.

Mary Villano, the interim principal at the school, sent a newsletter to parents Monday saying the moratorium on dances will be in place until school administrators can address their growing concerns about the behavior.

“It’s at the point where we’re worried something tragic will happen,” Villano said in telephone interview with the Globe Tuesday.

At the same time, Villano said school officials also believe the dancing of students has become too sexual, including dances in which students are “grinding” on each other.

Villano said if school officials close their eyes to the inappropriate dancing then students may think it’s acceptable, and the school has decided it’s time to address it.

Haters gonna hate. Arlington HS should just have Jenna Marbles do a training on “the face” for all AHS girls.

New Zealand prep school bro assaulted for leaving public school pals behind

From MSN.nz


An Auckland schoolboy was held down and assaulted by his classmates after they discovered he was switching to a private school.

Pukekohe High School principal Ian McKinnon confirmed a serious incident occurred on school grounds after a prank between a group of boys about moving schools “went too far”.

It was witnessed by many other students, and happened so fast they did not have time to stop it, he said.

“The incident involved a male student who was held by others and who was then assaulted,” Mr McKinnon told The New Zealand Herald.

“Whilst what took place may well have started out as a joke among a group who knew each other, its outcome was far from that.”

The boy was not injured in the incident 13 days ago, but was traumatized and has not returned to school. He has been enrolled at Auckland’s elite King’s College for 2012.

The boys involved have been excluded from Pukekohe High School, meaning they must enrol at another high school.

Kid gets into Auckland’s elite King’s College prep school, next thing you know his buddies are jealous and want to take him down. Who can blame him from wanting to leave a school that started with Puke?

Stay strong, bro. Schoolyard bullies suck.


Hand over the presents, fat man!

Yahoo Daily News 2011-11-28:

A local gun club in Scottsdale, Arizona is hosting an event for they would not be allowed to legally own. Even toddlers are permitted to hold high-powered firearms in the photos. Organizers say the event has so far attracted hundreds of participants. The advertises the event as “a one-of-a-kind opportunity to be photographed next to Santa while against a backdrop of a stunning $80,000 Garwood mini-gun and SGC’s coolest belt fed machine guns including the M60, M249 and M240.” The photos are $5 for club members and $10 for non-members.

I’ll bet that these kids are going to get EVERYTHING they asked for, considering they told Santa their Christmas list at gunpoint!

Enjoy this clip from Bad Santa to get you in the holiday spirit. Totally NSFW or school.


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And the celebrity prep school grad of the week is…

…Maury Povich of the Landon School in Bethesda, MD. 

Landon is a great school, producing many fine graduates. They have a great lax program that produces players who play at the DI and DIII levels. Unfortunately, Landon keeps getting a bad rap, including cheating on SAT’s, a fantasy football-type sex draft, and the case of George Hughley, a Landon grad who murdered his girlfriend at UVA.

Oh yeah, and Maury Povich is also a Landon grad.