DNA tracks down crappy dog owners

CONWAY, Mass (Reuters) – Some pet owners who failed to clean up after their dogs got a nasty surprise from apartment complex manager Deb Logan.

Using DNA evidence, Logan started fining the irresponsible dog owners $100 per offense.

Logan, property manager at Twin Ponds in Nashua, New Hampshire, started using a dog DNA-testing system to reveal which pooches were leaving feces scattered about outside.

Logan says the DNA technology called “PooPrints”, developed by BioPet Vet Labs of Knoxville, Tennessee, is working “amazingly” well for Twin Ponds, a 339-unit complex that is home to about 241 dogs.

Right. What if your dog sneaks out of the house and drops some poop? Are you supposed to pick up all the poop you see so you don’t get fined?

What’s next? Urine DNA analysis to see who dribbled on the toilet seat?

Also, who thinks up a business that analyzes dog poop?

It’s all swellesley in Wellesley!

Boston.com, 7/14/2011 by Derek McLean, Town Correspondent

There’s a new kid on the block. A Twitter handle called @WellesleyGossip has suddenly popped up this month, poking fun at the daily life of an archetypal Wellesley teenager.

Since post its first tweet on July 1, the satirical account has attacted 94 followers. @WellesleyGossip documents the so-called hardships and advantages of being a teenager in the wealthy town.

“Looked out of my kitchen window while I was stuffing my face and made eye contact with my gardener that was on my deck. #awk” @WellesleyGossip complains in a tweet on July 9.

The difficulties continue for @WellesleyGossip, “My au pair was too slow so I actually had to get out of my Lexus and wait in line for Dairy Queen because the drive through was closed,” said a tweet sent July 2.

Not all of life is bad, however. “My parents are going to nantucket for 3 days and left me home with 600 dollars for food..,” said @WellesleyGossip on July 9.

“40 followers in 2 days.. Now I have almost as many followers as I have pairs of sperrys. #OnDaddysYacht,” came a tweet on July 3.

@WellesleyGossip also makes judgment on other Wellesley residents. “My neighbor just “downsized” to a 6 bedroom house.. #poor,” said a tweet on July 3.

But not every post is about Wellesley. “Going to framingham is a cultural experience for me #sheltered,” came a tweet on July 3.

LOL. The only problem is that this is BS. Everyone knows that kids in Wellesley don’t go to Dairy Queen. They go to White Mountain.