Who will win the Heisman?

After a historical season of the 2011 NCAA Football is coming to an end, the 77th annual Heisman Trophy will be presented to “the outstanding college football player whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity.”

The 5 finalists all come from different programs and have extremely different strengths. 

Colleges buying up porn site URL’s



ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The University of Kansas is buying up website names such as http://www.KUgirls.xxx and http://www.KUnurses.xxx. But not because it’s planning a Hot Babes of Kansas site or an X-rated gallery of the Nude Girls of the Land of Aaahs.

Instead, the university and countless other schools and businesses are rushing to prevent their good names from falling into the hands of the pornography industry. Over the past two months, they have snapped up tens of thousands of “.xxx” website names that could be exploited by the adult entertainment business.

“Down the road there’s no way we can predict what some unscrupulous entrepreneur might come up with,” said Paul Vander Tuig, trademark licensing director at the Lawrence, Kan., school.

Now who would do such a thing? Oh yeah, some fifty-year old dude sitting in some dark basement trying to make a buck off people who want to see KU girls or nurses getting naked. 

For anyone who is considering it, don’t go and register anything like GirlsofNobles.xxx. No class.

Quick, pass the butter!

OSLO (Reuters) – The soaring popularity of a fat-rich fad diet has depleted stocks of butter in Norway creating a looming Christmas culinary crisis.

Norwegians have eaten up the country’s entire stockpile of butter, partly as the result of a “low-carb” diet sweeping the Nordic nationwhich emphasizes a higher intake of fats.

“Sales all of a sudden just soared, 20 percent in October then 30 percent in November,” said Lars Galtung, the head of communications at TINE, the country’s biggest farmer-owned cooperative.

A wet summer which reduced the quality of animal feed and cut milk output by 25 million litres had already limited supplies and the shortage has led some pundits to suggest the world’s eighth-largest oil exporter offer some of its plentiful fuel supply in exchange for butter.

“Norwegians are not afraid of natural fats, they love their butter and cream,” Galtung told Reuters.

Butter is now selling on Norway’s top auction website, with a 250-gram piece starting at around $13 (8.28 pounds), roughly four times its normal price.

Silly Norwegians. Nobody can find you on a map, always mixing you up with Sweden and Finland, and now you are running out of butter. Even my man Larry David gets confused sometimes.

Mandatory drug testing at MO prep school

From stltoday.com


More students at Christian Brothers College High School are saying no to drugs these days and the 161-year-old Town and Country school knows that for sure.

It’s celebrating five years of annual mandatory drug testing for all students.

Jane Eschmann is the school’s assistant principal and administrator of the program at the college prep school.

“In the five years we’ve done this, we’ve had a total of eight students who’ve had to withdraw from school, out of well over 5,000 tests given to students,” she said. “We think that’s a pretty phenomenal number.”

Prospective students and their families are told about the mandatory drug testing. There’s no refusal allowed by students or parents, and no one has ever refused, CBC President Mike England said.

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Wow. If mandatory hair samples for drug use ever got instituted at your school, what percentage of the kids would shave their heads?

At least 50%?

College and HS kids can’t figure out QR Codes

According to a recent study conducted by youth marketing company Archrival, the majority ofcollege students with smartphones have no idea how to scan a QR (Quick-Response) code. The study was conducted with over 500 college students across 24 different college campuses. While 81 percent of students owned a smartphone and 80 percent were familiar with the concept of a QR code, only 21 percent were able to scan a provided QR code when asked. Of the 79 percent that were unable to scan the code, some tried and ultimately gave up while others attempted to take a picture of the code with the built-in camera. Others complained of the process taking too long and some students didn’t want to download an app to scan it.

The result of the study found that 75 percent of college students are “Not Likely” to scan a code in the future. This trend should serve as a warning sign to advertisers attempting to reach a younger demographic through QR codes. According to Bart Johnston, the Interactive Director at Archrival, students with Android phones were most proficient at scanning QR codes followed by iPhone users, BlackBerry users and Windows phones users. Females showed slightly more interest in scanning QR codes over males. Some of the colleges included University of Florida, Ohio State, Penn State University, Texas A&M, University of Cal-Berkeley, University of Michigan and North Carolina State.

OK, if you have an iPhone and can download a QR app, you should be able to figure this out. If you can, you should get a laugh.

NY teacher claims Santa is a fraud. Warning Spoiler Alert!

From nypost.com



She may have ruined Christmas for her second-grade students, but at least she’s sorry.

The upstate elementary school teacher vilified for telling a class full of 7- and 8-year-olds that Santa doesn’t exist has finally apologized for the epic blunder.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/no_santa_clod_so_sorry_FIZdIOcadOdhwf1n7UIxEL#ixzz1fcOeeAoR

Can’t wait to lose a tooth during snack time in her class! I can hear her now “No, just throw that tooth away Jimmy. There’s not really a tooth fairy.”

Confederate flag controversy…with a twist

From Yahoo! News

By Eric Pfeiffer/The Sideshow

It’s no great shock to learn that 19-year-old college student in South Carolina provoked a storm of protests after he’d hung a Confederate flag from his dorm room window. But here’s the twist: The student in question, Byron Thomas, is black.

“I know it’s kind of weird because I’m black,” Thomas said in a video he posted online in response to his school’s request that he take the flag down.

Thomas, who says he prefers to be called black rather than African-American, adds that he believes the Confederate flag is a sign of Southern pride, and not racism. The University of South Carolina Beaufort has since relented and said Thomas can put the flag back up in his room if he wants.

“When I look at this flag, I don’t see racism. I see respect, Southern pride,” Thomas said. “This flag was seen as a communication symbol” during the Civil War, he added. “I’ve been getting a lot of support from people. My generation is interested in freedom of speech.”

Byron Thomas gets’s an A+ for courage. But the bigger question is did he get it right? Was the Civil War about Southern pride? Personally I think it was about the South telling the North “you’re not the boss of me!” 

What do you think?