Twines & Vines welcomes new talent

Twines & Vines is happy to announce that CaptainMorgan1 is our newest site contributor, reporting on all things prep from the female viewpoint. CaptainMorgan1 is 90% prep (the other 10% we can’t post on the site) and she is Roanoke College ’14.

We know, we know. Twines & Vines has been a little bit heavy on the guy side, but we realize that at most of the cool schools, the girl/guy ratio is at least 55/45. We want to appeal to all preps, so we are happy to have CaptainMorgan1 aboard!

Stop wearing Sperry’s with socks

I swear to God, I’m ready to slap at the next person I see wearing Sperry’s and socks. Wearing Sperry’s with black mid calfs or any other socks isn’t cool. I repeat it isn’t cool. It doesn’t make you look preppy or in any way a lax bro. You look like a fool. Do you think Captain Ahab, Sparrow, or Morgan wore Sperry’s with socks?… Hell no!