MA public school hating on kids grinding

By Brock Parker, Town Correspondent

Arlington High School has suspended all school dances because of an increasing number of students drinking alcohol and dancing inappropriately at the school functions.

Mary Villano, the interim principal at the school, sent a newsletter to parents Monday saying the moratorium on dances will be in place until school administrators can address their growing concerns about the behavior.

“It’s at the point where we’re worried something tragic will happen,” Villano said in telephone interview with the Globe Tuesday.

At the same time, Villano said school officials also believe the dancing of students has become too sexual, including dances in which students are “grinding” on each other.

Villano said if school officials close their eyes to the inappropriate dancing then students may think it’s acceptable, and the school has decided it’s time to address it.

Haters gonna hate. Arlington HS should just have Jenna Marbles do a training on “the face” for all AHS girls.