Hoodie Allen’s new mixtape is smooth

Hoodie Allen

Pretty sick new mixtape.. chill album cover. Let me get that girl on the right.

Would you rather…?

By Samantha Murphy, TechNewsDaily Senior Staff Writer
LiveScience.com | LiveScience.com – Wed, Jul 27, 2011

Many college students would go to great lengths to avoid carrying textbooks, with some even willing to give up sex and dating for a year, according to a new survey.

Education software company Kno found that students would make surprising sacrifices to get out of lugging around heavy textbooks. In fact, 34 percent would prefer to stay in every Saturday night for a semester and half of the respondents said they would eat boxed macaroni and cheese for a monthrather than carry textbooks every day of school for a semester.

Even more surprising, 1 in 4 college students said they would give up sex for an entire year to not carry around textbooks. About 20 percent said they would give up dating for the same period as well.

Also making the list is taking 8 a.m. classes every day (34 percent) and having parents visit every other weekend for a year (28 percent).

About a quarter of students noted that they carry about 20 pounds or more of books on a typical day.

That said, it’s no surprise that 71 percent said they would use digital textbooks through apps on tablets, laptops and netbooks. If students could access textbooks from anywhere without having to carry them around, about 62 percent said they would study more often and 54 percent insisted they would study more efficiently.

Most students also noted that they don’t think their professors are doing enough to integrate technology, such as with online tutorials or digital textbooks, into the learning experience.

However, 44 percent believe that college professors will no longer require students to carry physical textbooks in the next five years.

Give up sex? In college? Are you crazy?

I’d rather carry my whole dorm floor’s books for the semester.

Who needs college?

BOSTON (Reuters Life!) – A high school diploma is not enough to secure the best paying and most interesting jobs, said Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, who dropped out of Harvard University to build his computer company.

“Every student needs a meaningful credential beyond high school,” said Gates, who spoke at an education and employment conference sponsored by the civil rights group the National Urban League.

“Higher education is crucial for jobs,” he said, adding that education is an equalizer in society and is the key to getting urban America back to work and fighting poverty.

Gates said he believes college should be “for almost everyone,” but that parents, teachers and entire communities need to help make those opportunities available.

Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t Bill drop out of Harvard? If you are smart enough to found Microsoft, you start Microsoft. How long do I need to go to school for it to “equalize” me with Bill Gates?

Create your own college!

San Jose Mercury News
Posted: Sunday, Jul. 24, 2011
SAN JOSE, Calif. With his new student visa, Prasanth Goinaka was on a path toward his dream: an MBA from an American university in the heart of Silicon Valley.
That’s why his parents back in India were stunned when their 28-year-old son was killed while manning a cash register at a convenience store in Oklahoma City – 1,500 miles from campus.
A Bay Area News Group investigation has found that Goinaka – as well as thousands of other foreign students enrolled in schools here – probably should not have been in the country at all. They’re being lured by unaccredited universities that promise help getting a prized student visa. But it turns out that these universities’ legal right to assist with visas is in question.
This is definitely a sad story. Maybe we should distribute millions of copies of “Accepted” as a warning to hopeful foreign students. If a US college looks to good to be true, be careful. You could end up at the South Harmon Institute of Technology.

DNA tracks down crappy dog owners

CONWAY, Mass (Reuters) – Some pet owners who failed to clean up after their dogs got a nasty surprise from apartment complex manager Deb Logan.

Using DNA evidence, Logan started fining the irresponsible dog owners $100 per offense.

Logan, property manager at Twin Ponds in Nashua, New Hampshire, started using a dog DNA-testing system to reveal which pooches were leaving feces scattered about outside.

Logan says the DNA technology called “PooPrints”, developed by BioPet Vet Labs of Knoxville, Tennessee, is working “amazingly” well for Twin Ponds, a 339-unit complex that is home to about 241 dogs.

Right. What if your dog sneaks out of the house and drops some poop? Are you supposed to pick up all the poop you see so you don’t get fined?

What’s next? Urine DNA analysis to see who dribbled on the toilet seat?

Also, who thinks up a business that analyzes dog poop?

It’s all swellesley in Wellesley!

Boston.com, 7/14/2011 by Derek McLean, Town Correspondent

There’s a new kid on the block. A Twitter handle called @WellesleyGossip has suddenly popped up this month, poking fun at the daily life of an archetypal Wellesley teenager.

Since post its first tweet on July 1, the satirical account has attacted 94 followers. @WellesleyGossip documents the so-called hardships and advantages of being a teenager in the wealthy town.

“Looked out of my kitchen window while I was stuffing my face and made eye contact with my gardener that was on my deck. #awk” @WellesleyGossip complains in a tweet on July 9.

The difficulties continue for @WellesleyGossip, “My au pair was too slow so I actually had to get out of my Lexus and wait in line for Dairy Queen because the drive through was closed,” said a tweet sent July 2.

Not all of life is bad, however. “My parents are going to nantucket for 3 days and left me home with 600 dollars for food..,” said @WellesleyGossip on July 9.

“40 followers in 2 days.. Now I have almost as many followers as I have pairs of sperrys. #OnDaddysYacht,” came a tweet on July 3.

@WellesleyGossip also makes judgment on other Wellesley residents. “My neighbor just “downsized” to a 6 bedroom house.. #poor,” said a tweet on July 3.

But not every post is about Wellesley. “Going to framingham is a cultural experience for me #sheltered,” came a tweet on July 3.

LOL. The only problem is that this is BS. Everyone knows that kids in Wellesley don’t go to Dairy Queen. They go to White Mountain.